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Pill Prompter for iPhone and iPod Touch

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Pill Prompter is a simple tool to gently reminds you to take your medicine each day. If you choose to snooze the alert, it will remind you again later based on your adjustable snooze length.

When you get a Prompt, simply open up the app and click the pill button to mark it as taken. If needed, you can check back earlier in the week to assure yourself that you’ve remembered.

If you happen to miss a pill, the next time you open the app, it will remind you that you’ve missed one and show it on the weekly calendar as missed. This way you can always keep track.

Loud When You Want

You can choose from a variety of reminders ranging from an alarm sound to a dinosaur sound!

Discreet Icon

Pill Prompter was designed to be discreet about it’s job and it’s usage is up to you!


Countdown timer to make sure you always take your medicine at the same time.